City Council Enacts Anti Bullying Ordinance

In the event of the Student Government Day, the members of the City Council of Vigan together with their student counterparts in a regular session held last October 21, 2013 unanimously approved the ordinance that counteracts bullying committed among elementary pupils and high school students.
The ordinance, authored by Councilors Juan Carlo Medina, Kristen Figuerres and Joy Orio was crafted to prevent any bullying incidents in the City from becoming a major problem. It also aims to safeguard the rights not only that of the victim but also the offender.
The Ordinance also entrusted the roles of the different stakeholders and the different acts and its prevention in the school premises so that they may immediately identify the slightest signs of bullying and prevent any effects before it even becomes a problem. Rox
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Training Workshop on Enhancing Capabilities for SB Members

Dua nga aldaw a naaramid ti Training Workshop on Enhancing Local Legislative Capabilities for Sangguniang Bayan Members iti probinsya nga Ilocos Sur nga naisayangkat sadiay Vigan Culture and Trade Center. Dagiti immay a nagsanay ket dagiti opisyales manipud ti first district iti probinsya.

Daytoy a panagsanay ket inlungalong ti Provincial Councilors League, Ilocos Sur Chapter, no sadino a ni SPM Carlo Medina ti nadutukan kas Executive Vice President.

Daytoy a panagsanay ket sigurado nga adu ti masur suro da, kangrunaan dagiti agdadamo wenno newly elected officials.

Dagiti topiko a natratar babaen ti panangigannuat ti DILG, ket panggep ti structure, powers, duties ken functions ti Sangguniang roles of procedures. Naaramid pay ti role play ken kasta met ti parliamentary procedures.
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The Vigan Heritage Conservation Program goes to Paris

In line with its bid for a slot in the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, the Philippines mounted various activities to draw the interest of the selection committee on its candidacy and show that the country is deserving of a seat in the Committee.
One of these measures is the “Pamana: World Heritage in the Philippines”, Exhibit which was held from September 9-13, 2013 at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France.
Our very own Mayor Eva Marie S. Medina was invited to deliver a lecture before the Opening of the Exhibit on September 19.
Here is a firsthand account of the Mayor’s trip to Paris, the City of Lights:
September 7, 2013
• We arrived in Paris in the evening of September 7 where we were met by staff from the Philippine Embassy in Charles de Gaulle Airport. The Embassy personnel brought us to our apartment where we stayed with the rest of the Philippine delegation - Prof. Eric Zerrudo the UNESCO National Commission and Architect Francesca Latay who set up th... read more

Tres Patrimonio Highlights 2013 Solidarity Fest

The City Government of Vigan through the leadership of Mayor Eva Marie S. Medina launched the Tres Patrimonio, a musical trilogy on the salient chapters in the lives of Fr. Jose Burgos, Leona Florentino and spouses Diego and Gabriela on September 17, 2013 at the Vigan Culture and Trade Center.
The play aims to educate the youth on the unparalled patriotism of the featured Bigueño heroes, a value that is of great relevanvce.
Mayor Eva says that by producing Tres Patrimonio, Vigan trancends its bounderies and explores her historical links with neighboring province who like her, had cradled prominent men and women in Philippine History.
For this project, the City Government had commissioned Mr. Joseph “Sonny” Cristobal of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts as Director and Scriptwriter; Mr. Ato del Rosario as Musical Director and Mr. Gerard Mercado & Mr. Richard Eusebio as Choreographers.
The city takes great pride on its actors and technical crew, most of w... read more

Vigan holds 2013 World Heritage Cities Solidarity Cultural Festival

The City Government of Vigan helds the eight-day 2013 World Heritage Cities Solidarity Cultural Festival with the formal opening of the food and trade fair at Florentino St. In the Philippines only Vigan celebrates this with other heritage cities all over the world.
This special day is commemorated with week long festivities aimed at strengtheningpride in the history and culture of Vigan as well as the importance of conserving our cultural wealth.
This year's Solidarity Cultural Festival was held from September 7 - 17 with various crowd-drawing activities line up. It
included Fotografia y Recuerdos and Historia Oral at the Vigan Culture and Trade; contest on the Sabayang Pagbigkas (speech chorus), a zarzuela Ilocana (Ilocano stage play), daniw (poetry) and dallot (debate in poetry);contests on folk dancing, vocal chorus, duet and solo; ‘Kinnantaan’ (singing), and Latin and Standard Dance Sports; Eucharistic mass celebration at the Conversion of Saint Paul Cathedr... read more

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