Traffic Enforcers ken Security Guards Naikkan ti Pammadayaw

Naikkan ti pammadayaw dagiti kameng ti trapiko ken gwardya nga agserserbi iti Ciudad ti Vigan. Ti KNIGHTS OF COLOMBUS Father Burgos Council # 3372 ken babaen ti pannakitinnulong iti SK Dr. Rodolfo Aniceto Sr. Foundation ti nangted ti pammadayaw kadagiti miembros ti mangmangted talna ti trapiko ken mangbanbantay dagiti sansanikua ti ciudad ti Vigan. Iti nasao nga angulo ket nagpili da ti kadagiti empleado ti Opisina a mangataltaliwanwan ti urnos ken talna. Ti nakaibasaran ti pannakapili da ket babaen kadagitoy nga paganurutan. Ti umuna ket babaen ti kinaepektibo da kadagiti naituding nga trabaho da. Maikadua ket maipanggep ti panakipaglangenlangen da kadagiti kliyente da, ken ti maykatlo, kinasapa ken kanayon nga kaada da kadagiti pwesto nga pagbantayan da. Dagiti mapili ket maikkan ti gunguna nga aggatad ti tallo ribo a piso ken sagdwadwa ribo a piso dagiti sumarsaruno. Kalaksidan ti gatad a maited, maikkan da pay ti sertipiko ken medalyon ti pammadayaw.
Ti napagasatan a nangyala... read more

4H Club On the Go

The City Government of Vigan through the leadership of Mayor Eva Medina averts poverty among the Bigueños through dispersal of quail pullets to the 4H Club Members of Vigan City through the Program “Pagsapulan Raniag ti Masakbayan”. The City officials believe that teaching the younger generations to venture into entrepreneurial and productive activities such as quail raising may not only uplift their social status but more importantly teach them to become resourceful. Many youngsters now have been addicted to computer games thus, the values of resourcefulness, industriousness, patience and the like have been diminished. The City Government awarded 1000 pullets to eighteen (18) 4H Club president and members. The beneficiaries underwent training and seminar in the proper feeding and care of quails. According to the trainer, it’s easy and simple to raise quails. Patience is the key to successful quail raising. There are three things to remember. First, keep the surroundings clean and... read more


5476 elementary pupils and 2339 high school students from Vigan received their school supplies from the City Government in June.
The distribution of the basic schooling materials is a yearly undertaking of the local government unit to help the children and their parents bear the requisites of the school opening.
Each elementary pupil got pencils, ball pens, erasers, bond papers, notebooks, pad papers, spelling notebook, scissors, crayons, glaze papers all tucked in backpacks. Those in the secondary level had cutters, binders, and theme papers, ball pens, graphing papers, oil pastel, glaze paper and intermediate pads.
On the other hand 1,137 pre—schoolers received bags containing coloring books and crayons.

Mayor Eva S. Medina, Vice Mayor Lulu Baquiran and the city councilors visited the Vigan schools to hand over the school supplies to the students. It was another opportunity for the city officials to mingle on site with the school administrators.... read more


Vigan has embarked on a comprehensive campaign for its bid for a slot in the roster of New 7 Wonders - Cities of the World.
The city currently ranked as No. 1 in the race in South East Asia and Oceana, and one of the 300 cities shortlisted.

“It is our pride to have been included in the list”, remarked Mayor Eva S. Medina. Vigan is the only city in contention in Northern Philippines. The historic city’s inclusion has drawn the interest of more visitors wanting to find out what Vigan has to offer.

The search for the New Seven Wonders- Cities of the World has five voting phases: Nomination -January 7 to March 7, 2012; Qualification - March 7, 2012 to March 7, 2013; Shortlisting – March 7 to March 21, 2013; Finals -March 21, 2013 to July 7, 2014; and the announcement of the official New Seven Wonders – Cities of the World -July 7, 2014.

Riding on the battle cry-

“Vigan: Our Heritage from the Past,
Our Treasure, Today”read more


The City Government of Vigan hosted the League of Municipalities of the Philippines – Ilocos Sur Chapter as they held their monthly meeting at the Vigan Convention Center last June 19, 2012. Mayor Eva Medina, the chapter president before Vigan became a city, welcomed her colleagues headed by Caoayan Mayor Germy Singson- Goulart.
Various concerns were discussed including issues on health insurance, hog shortage and prices of meat. Among the resource persons present was Director Corazon Guray, DILG Regional Office who spoke about the full disclosure policy of the government and other components of the Gawad Pamana ng Lahi Awards.
The meeting was another opportunity for the province’s local Chief Executives to interact and put together their ideas to address common concerns.

* Lady Mayors pose after the LMP Meeting at Vigan Convention Center : (L-R) Mayor Germy Goulart of Caoayan, Mrs. Elaine Sarmiento, Mayor Arlyn Favis, of Magsingal, DILG PD Victoria Ramos, Mayor ... read more

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