Vigan Host 2013 Luzon Convention of HRM Practitioners

newspicVigan City Convention Center. - On August 13-15, 2013, over 1500 delegates from 7 regions in Luzon attended the 3rd Luzon Convention of Human Resource Management Practitioners.  With the theme "Shifting to High Gear towards integrity and excellence in Human Resource and Organizational Development, the delegates from regions 1-5, CAR and NCR listened to able  learning service providers who lectured on Succession Planning, Organizational Development in the Public Sector: The BSP Experience and Exemplifying Integrity and Excellence in HR and Organizational Development. 
On the convention’s opening day, the delegates were welcomed by City mayor Eva Marie S. Medina and Ilocos Sur Gov. Ryan Luis V. Singson.  In her speech, Mayor Medina inspired the participants with the city government’s initiative in Human Resource Management.  She regaled the delegates from other regions with the tourist destinations, festivals and other attractions of the city.

SUCCESSION PLANNING:  Succession is all about talent.

Ms. Rita Ditangco-Bantigue of MERALCO stressed that succession is all about talent. She shared three talent sourcing strategies, namely, Build, Buy and Borrow.  Sharing insights from experience, Ms. Ditangco-Bantigue said that for succession planning to work, compensation benefits package should be in place. The question, however, is, how can this be done in public where salaries are standardized with a fixed salary grade?  The answer is to find creative ways to compensate the talent without going against standardized compensation.  In government, this is done through PRAISE or Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence.

Those considered for succession in the organizational line-up should be talents.  These are high performing individuals with potential to assume a higher level after receiving appropriate development intervention.  Applying QS is different. Actual skills should be applied, not just credentials.  

It should be competency based. This needs a competency profile to determine if the individual is worth developing for succession. Also, a performance appraisal will determine a talent and put him in succession pool.  Once identified, a leadership development program is in order. This is the heart and soul of succession planning because it prepares the candidate for his future job.  An individual development plan is important because you cannot get ready now person.  You have to develop a person to have a 100% fit for the job and the culture of the organization. Can the employee assume 2 positions higher in 3-5 years?  If yes, then he is worth developing. 

ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT:  All things worth achieving can only be achieved by a team.

The director of the HRD Department of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Ms. Elvira E Ditching-Lorico spoke about Organizational Development in the Public Sector using her own organization's experience.  Ms. Lorico presented Bangko Sentral’s Organization Development Framework.  From its initial state with a culture of tolerance, indifference, compliance, power-oriented and role-oriented, it aimed to a desired state of high performance culture that inspires leaders, teamwork, achievement oriented and highly motivate workforce.  To address the gap between the current state and desired state, it addressed what changes were desired in the systems, structure, capability and culture of the organization.

Addressing the systems area of their organization, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas worked for the ISO accreditation of 20 of their units.  They restructured their workforce by identifying the jobs that can be provided by their internal talents and those that can be outsourced from manpower providers like administrative and clerical services, janitorial-hauler services and employed IT maintenance and helpdesk; canteen services from Business Process Outsourcing companies.To improve the capability of their employees, Bangko Sentral has an Employee Performance Management system, an Individual Development Plan where trainings are provided either in their very own BSP Institute or scholarships in other training institutions. 
In the area of organizational culture, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas assessed the employees’ values and behavior, symbols, legacies and legends, work processes and systems and communication lines.

The HR not only gave its rank and file the basic training for employees, the Values Orientation Workshop (VOW) but went on to conduct Values In Action (VIA) to apply what was learned in VOW.  The VIA features the inspiring stories of how BSP employees live the BSP’s core values, reinforces the attainment of BSP’s desired culture grounded on BSP’s core values and upholds the work ethics and governance principles in public service. 

For its managers and supervisors, Bangko Sentral provided lecture series on Inspiring Leaders and Executive Development.  It also Institutional Knowledge Transfer or IKT.
IKT provides candidates to key positions in the Bank the opportunity to learn from outgoing (retiring) BSP executives through the latter’s sharing of their institutional memory, business acumen, challenging experiences and strategic mastery; serves as a channel for coaching and mentoring and reinforces knowledge management.  These efforts aim towards the attainment of a High-Performance Culture at the BSP.

The BSP Organizational Development Framework exemplify what Sec. Sonny Coloma said, “Nothing in this life that is worth achieving cannot be achieved by one man alone.”

INTEGRITY AND EXCELLENCE:  Gawing bayani ang bawat kawani.  Two former CSC stalwarts gave inspiring messages on closing day.  Former CSC Chairman and DOLE Secretary Patricia Sto. Tomas recalled how she started as a clerk when she was 17 years old at the Senate.   Her years of experience in government service gave her a definition of excellence,--as a habit of the mind that guides you in doing something better every time and recording an improvement in the work and putting to use new things that you have learned and allows you not to commit the same mistake.  However, she categorically stated that, “Integrity, the conscious effort to do the right thing is better than excellence.”  She echoed a statement to which every HR could relate to:  “This convention gives us time to think because our daily tasks doesn't give us time to think-- to become better employees of government. “ 

For her part, former commissioner Nieves Osorio gave a very short but meaningful words.   She said that people in government can face up to anyone if they have integrity.  She added further that we may not be the brightest and the smartest but if we exert effort to do our best honestly, we will succeed. One may not get recognized immediately, but when we face our creator, we can say that we did our best. Lastly, in gratitude of our given talents, we have to be mentors to others.
Truly, Sec. Coloma’s words ring true:  “Gawing bayani and bawat kawani. Ibalik natin ang dangal ng serbisyo sibil.”

The three day convention was not only a learning experience for the 3rd Luzon Convention of Human Resource Management Practitioners.  Secretary Sonny Coloma of the Presidential Communications Operations Office called us, shepherds who take care of the last, least and lost.  It was an affirmation of the heroic quality of the 1500 HR Practitioners, thus affording them the name, Lingkod Bayani.—Geozita A. Haygood, City HRMO, Vigan.